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A dentist and dental assistant explaining dental implants to a patient

The Importance of Choosing the Right Implant Dentist

Living with missing teeth or removable dentures can be a daily struggle in more ways than one. That might sound a little bit dramatic, but anyone who’s experienced the consequences of missing teeth knows that this statement rings true.

Fortunately, most patients with missing teeth will be great candidates for the most effective, natural looking and long-lasting solution available – dental implants. Dental implants can resolve all of your missing tooth and denture problems, giving you a renewed reason to smile. Before you jump in, you should stop to consider the procedure and the right dentist for the job. After all, getting dental implants is a form of surgery and every surgical procedure carries some risk.


Overcome Your Missing Teeth and Denture Problems

Missing just one tooth could affect your confidence and cause you to hide your smile away. If you’re missing multiple teeth, the skin around your mouth will begin to sag, giving you an older, gaunter appearance. Missing teeth can affect your speech patterns, your ability to eat your favourite food and it can even lead to more tooth loss.


While dentures can be an affordable solution to missing teeth, they’re not for everyone. Not all dentures give you the classic “teeth in a jar of water” experience, but many people do have problems with poorly fitted dentures. They slip, they wobble and they can affect your confidence in their own way. Dentures can also cause problems with speech, involve a sticky adhesive and even lead to bone loss because they don’t support your jaw like natural teeth.


Why Dental Implants?

Dental implants are such a popular dental solution because they’re permanent and they look, feel and function like your natural teeth.

Dental implants can be colour matched to your teeth, fixed in your mouth, and they can fuse with your bone, supporting your entire facial structure. Said simply, implants give you the freedom to chew your favourite food, whistle your favourite tunes, recite your favourite speeches and smile for every camera.

At McMahons Point Health, our North Sydney dentists offer medically pure titanium implants with natural porcelain crowns.


Why Choosing the Right Dentist Is Crucial

As with any dental procedure, the skills and competence of your dentist will be crucial to implant success. Here are some of the more important reasons to be vigilant when choosing your implant dentist.


Implants Are Made to Last

In most cases, a successful dental implant will last you the rest of your life with minor maintenance. This is because your implant is the result of months of hard work. The implant needs to fuse to your bone over a period of months before your dentist can cap it with a crown.


Working with an inexperienced implant dentist could mean months of hard work for an impermanent result. Needing new implants in just a few years will be disheartening as well as costly in terms of time and money.


The Procedure Involves Local Anaesthetic

While you’ll be glad for the local anaesthetic, you will also be grateful knowing that your doctor has worked successfully with local anaesthetic many times before. Find a fully qualified dentist with experience in this area.


It Does Cost Money

While the final costs involved will vary, it’s important to remember that you’re paying for a treatment and you want the best results. Only high-quality professionals, like our implant dentists in North Sydney, will provide the value for money you deserve.


What to look for when looking for a dentist in North Sydney?


  • Fully qualified and licensed dentist
  • Educated and experienced in dental implants
  • A track record of successful cases
  • A friendly dentist who will tailor the experience to you and explain everything


Dr Edwina Toulmin is an experienced general dentist with a passion for dental implants and all other aspects of general dentistry. Her gentle, personalised approach will ensure you understand your options and have the best chance of success.


Invest in a permanent solution for your missing teeth today. Book an appointment with Dr Toulmin or make a general enquiry online.