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Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers are a simple and quick way to repair, protect and enhance the overall appearance of your teeth. Whether you’re looking to repair a chipped or worn tooth or you simply want to achieve the perfect smile, McMahons Point Dental in North Sydney provides quality and affordable cosmetic dental veneers to help you achieve your goals.

What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are ceramic ultra-thin shells, which are fixed onto the front of your teeth. The procedure is very simple and quick with little or no anaesthetic needed in most cases. The result is a new set of great looking fully functional teeth.

Who Are Dental Veneers Appropriate for?

Dental veneers are a cosmetic dentistry solution for those who suffer from the following:

  •  Malformed teeth – Individuals with broken, chipped or severely worn teeth are ideal candidates for dental veneers
  • Discoloured teeth – Veneers can completely hide tooth discolouration. If you only have a few discoloured teeth, veneers can also be used to blend the bad teeth with the colour of their healthier neighbours.
  • Unsightly teeth gaps – Irregular gaps in between your teeth may make your smile seem or feel unsightly. With veneers, our dentists can fill those gaps to make the teeth look completely naturally spaced
  • Crooked teeth – Teeth that are irregularly shaped, crooked or improperly positioned can be masked with the help of veneers. The result is an even set of teeth that look perfectly shaped and aligned

In some instances, veneers may also serve as a better alternative for patients who may be considering dental bridges and crowns. We recommend booking in an appointment with one of our cosmetic dentists in North Sydney to discuss the best option for you.

At McMahons Point Dental, we are passionate and committed to helping you achieve the best oral hygiene and the perfect smile to look and feel your best.

To talk to one of our cosmetic dentists about veneers at McMahons Point Dental, contact us today on 02 9460 1661.

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