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General dentistry

General Dentistry Services North Sydney

General Dentistry

At McMahons Point Dental , we strive to provide dental care to Crows Nest, St Leonards and to North Sydney locals.

Our in-house Dental specialist in North Sydney, Dr Toulmin, strongly believes that prevention is better than cure. Her number one goal is to optimise the oral health of her patients, from children to parents and grandparents. Our dental care is centrally located in McMahons Point on the lower north shore of Sydney, close to the CBD and Crows Nest, St Leonards, Waverton and Cammeray.

Our friendly Dental specialist North Sydney provides preventive measures and dentistry services:

  • General Checkups
  • Regular Examination & Cleaning
  • Family Dentistry
  • Children Dentistry
  • Periodontal Treatment
  • Sleep Apnoea Treatment
  • Dentures
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal
  • Orthodontics 
  • Cosmetic Dentistry – Crowns & Bridges, Dental Veneers, Teeth Whitening, Fillings

To know more about our general dentistry services , follow the links below or contact us and speak to one of the professional dentists based in McMahons Point servicing Crows Nest, St Leonards and North Sydney surrounding suburbs.

Regular Preventive Dentistry

Dental Specialist in North Sydney

For most patients, we recommend booking a regular check-up and teeth cleaning in every six months. By following this schedule, we will be able to detect any problems early and act quickly. This will be faster and more cost-effective than if the problem were left to get worse. Often, these conditions develop slowly and painlessly so the patient is initially unaware they have a problem. If left too late, many dental problems can cause severe pain that can arise suddenly.

A professional clean is more effective than home care at removing tartar and staining, making your mouth look and feel fresh, clean and healthy. Our dental care team at McMahons Point Dental will be happy to advise you on your dental treatment needs or any general care information that may help you.

For more information  visit our north Sydney dental care clinic. Call today and speak to best North Sydney dentist dedicated to excellence in all areas of general , cosmetic and family dentistry.

What We Treat

Dr Toulmin’s extensive dental examinations include screening for the following conditions:

Dental Caries

Commonly called tooth decay, dental caries are caused by bacteria in the mouth that thrive on sugary foods. Most people know that sweets and soft drinks can cause decay, but many people are unaware of the numerous other foods and drinks that can cause damage. These includes:

  • Muesli bars
  • Sweet and savoury biscuits
  • Dried fruit snacks
  • Cordials
  • Fruit juice
  • Fruit in jelly or syrup
  • Many products marketed as health foods
  • Alcohol
  • Sports and energy drinks
  • Even breads and pasta

Periodontal Disease (Gum disease)

Periodontal Disease commonly referred to as gum disease, this is a process of inflammation that affects the gums (gingiva) and the periodontal ligament that supports the tooth in the bone. Mild symptoms of gum disease include red, puffy gums that bleed easily. This is called gingivitis. In its most severe cases, gum disease can cause loose teeth, bad breath and even tooth loss. This is termed periodontitis.

Gum disease is prevented by daily flossing to remove plaque and food debris before it turns into calculus or tartar, the hard build up on your teeth. Since none of us can remove all of that debris, calculus still builds up and must be removed before further damage can occur. With regular dentist appointments using the professional dental equipment at your routine dental check-ups we can surely prevent pain and sensitivity earlier.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD)

This term covers a range of symptoms affecting the jaw joint and surrounding muscles. Symptoms include:

  • Clicking and popping of the jaw joint
  • Locking of the jaw
  • Pain in the muscles directly surrounding the joint and spreading up around the head and forehead and down the neck
  • Headaches
  • Clenching and grinding of teeth

TMD can also be associated with poor posture and obstructive sleep apnoea. TMD treatments vary according to the symptoms but may involve:

  • Heat packs, resting the jaw and anti- inflammatory medication
  • Occlusal splints worn over the teeth at night
  • Correction of the bite
  • Orthodontic treatment

Oral Cancer Treatments

Although rare, unusual growths or tumours can occur on the lips, tongue, cheeks, gums, roof of the mouth and throat. Often these go unnoticed by the patient until they are at a serious stage. Dr Toulmin checks for any abnormalities in the appearance of these areas during every examination

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea ( OSA)

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea term can be used to describe any temporary partial or complete blockage of the airways during sleep.  Sleep Apnoea is comprehensive and can impact your health and your quality of life, read more about its symptoms, treatments, and consequences.

Tooth Wear and Erosion

Tooth wear and erosion can be caused by:

  • An incorrect bite
  • Bruxism (grinding of teeth)
  • Habits such as excessive biting of fingernails
  • Excessive intake of acidic foods and beverages e.g. alcohol, soft drinks, cordial, fruit juice, energy drinks, sports drinks, fruit

Fractured Teeth

These are often difficult to diagnose. Commonly patients feel something is “not quite right” for months or years before the fracture is eventually found. That’s why Dr Toulmin pays special attention to screening for these.

Other Orthodontic Concerns

Dr Toulmin has been an Invisalign doctor for five years. At the beginning of 2015, she added fixed braces (metal and ceramic) to her repertoire. She is currently completing a two- year residency in orthodontics treatments and expects to finish in December 2016. While she enjoys all aspects of general dentistry, she has a special interest in orthodontics.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal normally erupt during a person’s late teens or early twenties. Because of our modern, softer diets, human jaws are becoming smaller so we often don’t have space for wisdom teeth to erupt correctly. Subsequently, many people suffer pain from their wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal depends on severity, but many cases require extraction. Unlike many general dentists in Crows Nest, St Leonards or North Sydney, Dr Toulmin has extensive experience with wisdom tooth removals and can perform them in chair, avoiding the need for costly and potentially dangerous General Anaesthetic. For patients who feel they need something to relax them, Dr Toulmin is qualified to administer Nitrous Oxide (happy gas) or prescribe sedatives.

Facial Asymmetries

These can be a sign of a nerve disorder or tumour and may require further investigation.

Salivary Gland Disorders

Saliva plays an important role in protecting the mouth from dental decay and gingivitis. If the salivary gland is blocked or stops producing saliva, the teeth are no longer protected. There are many causes of salivary gland dysfunction.

Fungal, Bacterial and Viral Infections

There are many diseases of the oral cavity that can show up as red, white or yellowish discolourations or bumps. They can be associated with pain, discomfort, itching or burning sensations but they can often be symptom-free. Dr Toulmin screens for these conditions at every examination.

Looking for North Sydney Dental Specialist?

Book an appointment with McMahons Point Dental, providing professional general to family and cosmetic dentistry including regular checkups to North Sydney families and individuals. McMahons Point Dental is located on the lower north shore of Sydney servicing Crows Nest, St Leonards, Cammeray and surrounding suburbs locals. Call us today on 02 9460 1661.

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