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Xray before dental implants procedure

The Hidden Benefits of Dental Implants

Some people choose dental implants for cosmetic reasons – to provide the smile they always wanted – while other people choose dental implants for practical reasons. Naturally, most of us wish the teeth we were given would never need to be replaced. Sadly, this sometimes isn’t the case. But no matter whether you need dental implants for cosmetic or purely practical reasons, you’d be surprised by the hidden benefits.

Read on for McMahons Point Dental’s list of the hidden benefits of Dental Implants

The Smile

Did you know that a missing tooth can physically affect your ability to smile? Teeth maintain the physical structure of the face, holding everything in place and providing a flawless smile. A missing tooth can mean skin isn’t stretched as tautly as it would otherwise be, leading to slackness and wrinkles. Additionally, if a tooth isn’t in place, then other teeth will be more likely to shift.

This can fundamentally change the way you smile.


Missing teeth can limit your ability to follow certain diets. A lot of great foods put immense stress on teeth – stress that you might not be able to cope with if some teeth are missing.

Hard nuts, thick meats, fibrous vegetables – think how limited your diet could be if you couldn’t eat these foods due to missing teeth or loose fitting dentures?

Dental implants fully integrate with your jawbone and the surrounding teeth, giving you the confidence to eat the things you want to eat. They also make it easier to treat yourself – chewy toffee will be a lot easier to enjoy implants than with dentures. Best of all, your dental implant will never get decayed like natural teeth can.

Having missing teeth also means that food is more likely to collect in the spaces left in their absence. This leads to a higher chance of tooth decay and gum disease. The superior integration of dental implants means they are easier to clean than old-fashioned dentures.

Prevents Bone Loss

Just like your muscles, if you don’t use your bone you lose it. The force passed into your teeth and your jawbone when you eat keeps your bone healthy and strong. One little-known consequence of missing teeth is progressive bone loss due to lack of use.

We all know how great dental implants can look, but not all of us are aware of the other positive benefits of a dental implant. Contact us today to book a consultation regarding dental implants and find out how they can improve your life!

*All dental treatment carries risk. You should consider if this procedure is right for you.