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Simple and Effective Ways to Manage Your Dentist Anxiety

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Many people avoid going to the dentist as long as they can due to their fear. They often bear the discomfort and pain for a longer time, only to prolong the dentist visit as much as possible. We bring you some of the top reasons that lead to dentist anxiety and ways to overcome your fear.

Why We Are So Scared To Visit The Dentist?

  1. Pain – Most people associate the dentist with pain and hence avoid a visit. However, the truth is, modern technology has eliminated major pain associated with dental treatments.
  2. Bad Memories – If you have had a bad experience with a dentist in the past, you may hold on to that memory and not want to try a new and better dentist just out of the fear.
  3. Communication – Many patients fear that they won’t be able to communicate well with the dentist or tell him how severely they are experiencing pain.
  4. Costing – It is a general perception that a trip to the dentist can be an expensive affair and thus, people tend to not make the call for an appointment.

What Are The Effective Ways To Manage This Anxiety?

  • Find a reliable dentist in Kirribilli with whom you can communicate well and establish a level of trust
  • Get all possible information about your procedure. Having complete knowledge helps in reducing anxiety
  • Get to know about the anaesthesia and relaxation sedatives they will use to reduce your pain
  • Avoid drinking tea or coffee before your procedure as it can make you nervous
  • If cost is a concern, look for a dental insurance or choose a dentist that allows payment in instalments.
  • Use your hand to signal any discomfort during the treatment
  • If you have an issue with the sound, carry your headphones and play soothing music during the procedure

By finding a professional and reliable dentist in Kirribilli, you can get your dentist treatment done without any fear or anxiety and enjoy your big wide smile!