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A woman holds up clear aligners and braces

Why Invisalign Is the Clear Choice

If you’ve considered straightening your teeth and aligning your smile, you’ve probably thought about a range of orthodontic treatments. Modern technologies and techniques mean there are many ways to achieve your perfect smile. As well as a wide range of options for braces, patients can now invest in clear, removable…
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A group of teenage girls smile for a selfie

Consider Clear Aligners Instead of Braces for Your Teen

For many children and teenagers, effective orthodontic treatment is an important part of their childhood and development. Orthodontic treatments can address your child’s dental problems early on, giving them the confidence to smile and giving their teeth a chance to grow naturally and healthily. Braces and aligners can even improve…
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Cosmetic Dental Treatment Explained

Common Forms of Cosmetic Dentistry

A great smile is made up of many factors. It’s hard to have a great smile if you’re missing a tooth, no matter how white your teeth are. And if your teeth are perfectly aligned and straight, they just won’t look quite as good if you suffer from tooth discolouration.…
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