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Consider Clear Aligners Instead of Braces for Your Teen

For many children and teenagers, effective orthodontic treatment is an important part of their childhood and development. Orthodontic treatments can address your child’s dental problems early on, giving them the confidence to smile and giving their teeth a chance to grow naturally and healthily. Braces and aligners can even improve oral hygiene, simplify teeth cleaning, and make subtle changes your facial structure.

When considering the benefits of braces and clear aligners, schedule a tailored consultation with Dr Toulmin. In a personalised one-on-one session, she can determine the best treatment for you.

What are the benefits of braces and clear aligners?


Choosing Braces for Your Teenager

For many of us, wearing braces during our childhood was a rite of passage. While they’re sometimes associated with horror stories, modern orthodontic technologies and techniques have come a long way, making braces easier than ever.

Wearing braces as a teenager involves:

  • Having brackets bonded to your teeth for wires to insert into
  • Possibly having an appliance such as a jaw expander
  • Visiting the dentist for adjustments on a regular basis
  • Wearing braces for up to two years, depending on the severity of your misalignment

Modern braces will produce fantastic results for most wearers and they’re available in clear ceramic if you have reservations about the appearance of metal braces.

Learn more about our orthodontic options here.


Clear Aligners – the Alternative for Your Teen

While modern braces have come a long way in terms of comfort and style, many teenagers and their parents still look for alternatives. Clear aligners are a wonderful option for patients of all ages, with a range of great benefits that teens will love.

Clear aligners are removable, require less maintenance and are practically invisible, meaning your teenager can gain the confidence to smile without having to wait until braces are removed.

Instead of using a fixed appliance, clear aligners such as Invisalign use a series of removable “invisible braces” to straighten your teeth. Many teenagers and parents choose clear aligners because:

  • They are almost invisible to people around you
  • They require fewer dentist visits
  • They maximise comfort and convenience
  • They don’t get in the way of your diet or lifestyle.

You can learn more about the Invisalign treatment process here.


Which Treatment Is Right for My Teen?

To ensure the best results and the brightest smile for your teenager, we recommend organising a consultation with the McMahons Point Dental team.

Dr Edwina Toulmin will guide you through your first orthodontic appointment, helping you to understand the treatment required and offering you all the best options. In some severe cases, Invisalign won’t be the recommended treatment while in other circumstances, clear aligners will be ideal.

The good news is that our team welcomes patients of all ages. Both braces and aligners can be effective for children, teens and adults, and we offer a range of options including Invisalign, Clear Correct, clear braces and the Damon system.


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