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3D printing dental models

Industry News: 3D Printers and Dentistry

So let’s talk about the recent 3D printing which has been the subject of much interest in the technology industry over the past few years.

3D printers have many consumers benefits but it definitely has lots of uses for dental, medical and business fields.

Let’s look into much closer here:

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing is an exciting and constantly developing technology that’s used to make three-dimensional objects based on computerised 3D models. 3D printers use the digital information to ‘print’ objects by laying down successive thin layers of material to create a fully formed object.

As with all forms of technology, the initial uses for 3D printing were modest but the technology is developing faster and faster. Today, it is beginning to be employed in standard dental clinics.

Straumann Is Distributing 3D Printers and Scanning Technology

The firm Straumann, a restorative dental products company, has recently signed deals to distribute 3D printing and scanning technologies around the world for use in dental practices.

3D printers will enable dental practitioners to make temporary prosthetic restorations, models of teeth, and drill templates to better guide precision surgery.

3D printers can produce these things quickly, cheaply and effectively – taking on average 16 minutes to produce such objects.

The Future of 3D Printing in the Dental Industry

The possibilities for 3D printing and scanning in the dental lab are endless. A fully integrated scanning and printing workshop would save patients time, having impressions and even prosthetics created in a single session.

For many prosthetics, dental practitioners would not have to send away specifications for third-party manufacturers but could create exactly what they need right in their own lab.

This would mean that the entire process – from assessing the patient’s needs to fitting their prosthetic – could be undertaken in one session. It would also mean that complications could be dealt with on the spot and with greater ease.

Another benefit of 3D printing for use in dental practices is the ability to print in different materials. Using different materials and colours will better equip the dental practitioner to handle the different functional and aesthetic requirements of their patients.

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