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A Winning White Smile

Jennifer Hawkins

Jennifer Hawkins and her megawatt smile

You’ve got an important presentation coming up. Your outfit is sorted, the shoes are polished, your hair is trimmed – first impressions count, after all. You’ve rehearsed in front of the mirror a zillion times. But every time you practise that winning smile, your dull, discoloured teeth mock you with their stains. Blame it on too many cups of coffee. Or glasses of red wine.

“How about whitening your teeth?” suggests your best mate.
“I’ve tried those whitening toothpastes – they made no difference,” you lament.
“Then what about getting your teeth professionally whitened?” asks your bestie.
“Isn’t that for celebrities?” you wonder.

Actually, it isn’t. Teeth whitening is commonplace nowadays – and can often be just the confidence booster you need. Gone are the days of harsh bleaches that stripped your teeth of its enamel. Today’s teeth whitening procedures are sophisticated and safe.
Teeth Whitening Process

But first, you need to get the green light from your dentist. S/he needs to ensure your teeth are healthy and suitable for whitening. S/he will take into account factors like tooth sensitivity, the density of your tooth enamel, the natural colour of your teeth, whether you’ve had fillings, crowns and veneers, and the state of your gums.

All these elements determine whether you end up with a megawatt smile like Julia Roberts or Jennifer Hawkins , or if you can barely tell the difference after spending all that money on teeth whitening. Worst case scenario? Your dentist might advise you not to go ahead with the procedure since your teeth are not suitable for this. Trust us, it’s far better taking this advice. And whatever you do, do not ruin your pearly whites with over-the-counter whitening gels that are abrasive and actually do more harm than good.
teeth discolouration

Better yet, have a chat with our dentist Dr. Edwina Toulmin. She is currently offering free whitening trays and gel with every new patient who comes in for an examination and clean.
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