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teeth whitening procedure - before and after image of a whiten tooth

Are you tired of feeling insecure about a discoloured smile?

Your smile is one of the most important things about you. Not only does it convey the unique ‘you’ that sets you apart from everybody else, but it also plays an essential function in the smooth running of your daily life.

A full, welcoming smile is inviting and indicates friendliness and openness. But it can be hard to smile the way you normally would if you’re feeling insecure about tooth discoloration. This is where teeth whitening comes in. Here are some of the advantages of teeth whitening.

Here are some of the advantages of teeth whitening

Greater Confidence

Having white teeth will allow you to smile with confidence, free from the fear of tooth discolouration stigma. Your photos will look better, allowing your white smile to stand out in the crowd.

Furthermore, research has shown that smiling has a positive feedback effect on our internal mental state. It’s not just that you smile when you’re happy, but you can become happier because you smile. If teeth whitening can bring greater everyday happiness, what more could you ask for?

Healthier Appearance

We associate white teeth and a full smile with a healthy individual. It’s natural from an evolutionary perspective that we’d prefer to surround ourselves with healthy people and stay away from people who could potentially have an infectious disease. Having beautiful white teeth also indicates a certain level of care and pride in a person’s health.

More Business Opportunities

Humans are social creatures, and not only in our spare time. So much of our work is about networking with strangers and creating opportunities. A great smile is one way of opening up new opportunities. Not only will you be more comfortable approaching new people, but they will be more comfortable approaching you.

The pride you take in your appearance is often perceived as a reflection of the pride you take in your business. If you look the part, you have achieved the first step in being the part!

White Teeth Create an Incentive for Healthy Living

So much of what we do in life is done for the sake of appearances. We all know that eating well and not smoking can make us feel better, but sometimes we get more incentive from considering how we look to others. Looking after your newly acquired bright white teeth will create an incentive to maintain healthy living in other aspects of life. Often, the worst foods for your diet are the worst foods for your teeth. Soft drinks can create cavities and red wine can stain your teeth. And if you can’t quit smoking because it’s bad for your lungs, maybe the fear of discolouring your newly white teeth will persuade you to kick the habit!

Having white teeth will persuade you to take care of them through proper dental and oral hygiene, too. Regular brushing and flossing will not only maintain the whiteness of your teeth but ensure the health of your mouth as a whole.

Take advantage of the opportunities of sparkling white teeth

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