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Keep your smile looking great after braces by wearing retainers

Keeping your Teeth Straight After Invisalign or Braces

Your Invisalign treatment or orthodontics treatment took a lot of time, effort and investment, but you have finally straightened your teeth and achieved a beautiful smile. A lot of people think that their treatment is complete after their brackets come off or their Invisalign attachments are removed. But your teeth will try to move back into their original place. Preventing this requires a little more everyday maintenance and effort.

It can be tempting to fall into a sense of comfort once your teeth are straight, but studies show straight teeth can shift after orthodontic treatments. Make sure you don’t waste all your hard work and take proper measures to protect your new smile after your Invisalign or orthodontic treatment.

Fixed retainers

Dr Edwina Toulmin recommends fixed retainers for all her patients after Invisalign or orthodontic treatment. Fixed retainers are fine metal wires that are cemented to the backs of your front teeth that prevent your teeth from moving. Our North Sydney Dentist uses good quality retainers from a specialist laboratory that are designed so that you can still floss your teeth, thus maintaining good oral health. While initially fixed retainers may feel a little strange, patients become accustomed to them after a few days and barely notice them.

Wear Your Retainer

In some cases, our professional dentists in North Sydney, McMahons Point recommends removable retainers in addition to fixed retainers. Removable retainers help keep your teeth straight by maintaining a slight tension on the current position of your teeth. These should be worn every night. A good quality retainer will not be very invasive and wearing it at night can easily become a habit.

Removable retainers may protect your teeth from teeth grinding as well as keeping your teeth straight during sleep. They can last anywhere between nine months to two and a half years depending on their quality and how well you take care of them.

Cleaning Your Retainer

Since you’re wearing your retainer every night it’s important to keep it clean and prevent a build-up of bacteria. To do this successfully, you’ll also have to clean your retainer daily. Don’t scrub them with toothpaste as it can be abrasive to the plastic material. Instead use special cleaning tablets that Dr Toulmin can recommend to you.

To use a tablet, dissolve it in a cup of water then place the retainer/s in for at least thirty minutes. Alternatively, you can gently scrub your retainer with soapy water and a toothbrush every day.

Have Regular Dental Check Ups

Visiting your local dentist regularly is important to ensure your dental health is optimal as well as monitoring the position of your teeth. Your dentist will examine your bite during check-ups to check for any shifting. Any shifts that are noticed can be addressed promptly.

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