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Are You Taking the FebFast Challenge?

January has almost come to a close – but you’re still in party mode from the silly season. Christmas rolled into New Year which morphed into summer holidays and now it’s Australia Day. Your new year’s resolutions were broken the day you made them. You’ve indulged  in one too many pina coladas and pavlovas. Your bathroom scales groan every time you gingerly step onto them. Your skinny jeans feel a bit too snug. But it’s time to get serious now. Time to banish the booze and put the brakes on bad eating.

ice cream

I scream for ice-cream!

So here’s a thought: why not register for FebFast? As the name suggests, for the entire month of February, you can give up alcohol or quit sugar. Or even do both. Yes, if your poison is a glass of red with dinner and three Tim Tams with your tea, it’s time to make some healthy changes.

As the FebFast website states, “Take a pause for a cause this February. Think of it as a post-silly season cleanse just before returning to work, getting you back in shape for the rest of the year. Best of all, the money raised goes towards supporting YSAS (Youth Support & Advocacy Services).”



Don’t let the red go to your head.

Here are some benefits of staying away from sugar and abstaining from alcohol for a month:

You will save money: Think of all the cash you save every time you resist temptation to buy a sugary donut or soft drink to get through that 3pm slump. Think of all the money saved not buying bubbles and beer for an entire month. How about using those saved dollars on a movie or a mini-break instead?

You will lose weight: Jump on those scales before and after the FebFast challenge. We guarantee you’ll have shed a few kilos. A month without alcohol and sugar will do wonders for your waistline and well being.

 You will be more productive at work and at home: No Friday night drinks at the pub mean no nursing a hangover all weekend. You’ll have more time and energy to spend with your family – perhaps you can go hiking or to the beach instead of popping pills to get rid of that throbbing headache.

You will be more healthy: Cutting out sugar and booze from your daily diet means you reduce the risk of illnesses like heart disease, blood pressure and diabetes. You will get a better night’s rest and will have more energy. This should automatically translate into leading a more active, stress-free life. Bike ride, anyone?

tella balls

Do not eat the donuts. We repeat, do not eat the donuts.

Our tips for staying on track include making yourself accountable to family and friends so that they’re aware of your goals and won’t let you stray; teaming up with a friend so that you have a buddy to do it together; and having a plan in place for tricky social situations like get-togethers and parties.

So what are you waiting for? February is just around the corner. Say bye-bye to booze and/or sugar and hello to good health. Just don’t drink to it!