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Eat Well, Train Well, Live Well

Motivation and Support for Weight Loss and a Great Lifestyle

Losing weight can sometimes make us look better but this isn’t all we should focus on. What’s more important is that we are providing our bodies with the best food it can get and that we’re engaging with exercises that will keep us dynamic and healthy.

While the scales may help you track how much weight you’ve lost, that’s about all they will tell you. They won’t tell you if you’re healthier than you were since last you weighed yourself.

Here are some general tips from the team at McMahons Point Dental for an overall healthier lifestyle

Healthy Eating

The human body is a complex machine and it needs lots of different foods to keep it operating at its peak. The old phrase that “you are what you eat is sometimes true, but there is more to good nutrition than that.

One of the easiest ways to eat healthily is to eat a broad diet, consuming everything in moderation. By eating a vast array of foods, you ensure that your body doesn’t miss essential nutrients. Nutrient-dense ‘super foods’ like Kale and Brussel Sprouts are popular, but why stop there? There is a whole world of super foods waiting to be explored. Getting creative with your cooking will not only be better for your health but more engaging for your mind.

Stay away from junk foods and opt for fresh whole foods if you can. Enjoy the array of snacks that Mother Nature has prepared for you and you will be well on your way to a balanced diet.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is important, but that doesn’t have to mean boring exercise. Vary your exercise program to achieve great overall health and build overall muscle development. On one day, you might try short bursts of sprinting to really get your heart rate up and to build bigger, stronger muscles. On another day, you might go for a long walk or swim to build long distance endurance and cardiovascular health.

Sports like basketball and tennis can involve a range of different and dynamic motions that can build overall health. Keep it interesting and keep it fun! If you stick too rigidly to a routine, it could get boring and result in you stopping exercising altogether.

Other Lifestyle Factors to Keep in Mind

Humans are mostly made of water, so make sure you drink plenty of it! Get enough sleep to maintain motivation, reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Reduced stress can also reduce cardiovascular issues and decrease the likelihood of weight gain.

Smoking is bad for health and your wallet, so try and give up the cigarettes with the help of a medical professional. Most importantly, don’t be too rigid. An ice cream now and again won’t kill you – just don’t overdo it!

Keep up to date with McMahons Point Dental for further information on health and lifestyle. If you’re not reaching your health goals, you may benefit from specific advice tailored to your needs. Contact one of our friendly experts today!