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Removing your wisdom teeth reduces the risk of problems down the track

3 Reasons to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Removing wisdom teeth is often a preventative measure for problems further down the track. Here are the 3 reasons why our professional dentist in North Sydney, Dr Edwina Toulmin think that you should have your wisdom teeth removed.

Increased Risk of Infection

If there is not enough space for a wisdom tooth to grow normally, it can become impacted. This means it gets stuck either completely under the gums or with only the tip poking out. Either way, impacted wisdom teeth can cause a number of dental problems.

An impacted wisdom tooth that is poking above the gum level cannot be cleaned properly, meaning it and the tooth next to it could become decayed and cause pain or even an abscess.

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a gum infection called pericoronitis, where the gum around the tooth becomes swollen and painful and it is difficult to eat, talk and even swallow. This needs urgent dental attention and often antibiotics.

Finally, an impacted wisdom tooth can start to eat away at the tooth next to it. This is the same process that helps baby teeth come out, but is very damaging to adult teeth and can mean the tooth needs to be removed.

Future Complications with an Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Unfortunately, wisdom teeth that come through normally are still a breeding ground for potential infections and inflammation because they are often difficult to clean. They are positioned at the far back of the mouth, often covered by a flap of cheek or pointing the wrong way.

Wisdom teeth can come through at any age, with some people getting them as a teenager while others don’t have them grow through until they’re well into adulthood. The older you are, the more difficult a wisdom tooth is to remove, which increases the risk of complications. If you do need your wisdom teeth removed, it is best to have them done earlier rather than later.

Peace of Mind

The process of removing wisdom teeth is painless and comfortable as Dr Toulmin uses anaesthetic, happy gas and sedatives, as required. If you’d like to discuss wisdom teeth further or have yours examined, contact Dr Edwina Toulmin at McMahons Point Dental or book an appointment. Edwina is an expert in wisdom teeth removal in North Sydney and approaches the process with a gentle and friendly attitude.

Remember that not all wisdom teeth need to be removed and that any surgical procedure carries risks. Dr Toulmin is careful to only do safe, necessary treatment, and will give you honest advice about whether or not you need the treatment, and what the risks and benefits are for your particular case.

Should your or not have Wisdom Teeth Removed?

McMahons Point Dental, your family dentists in North Sydney can help make your smile more beautiful while ensuring the health of your teeth and gums. Contact Dr Toulmin today or schedule your next dental appointment today.