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Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist North Sydney

Have a toothache? Or have you had an accident and knocked a tooth? 

McMahons Point Dental is here for you! We are open six days a week, extended hours for emergency dental treatment. While our standard hours are 8am to 7pm weekdays and 8am to 5pm Saturdays, we can accept calls after hours and organise to get you out of pain and discomfort ASAP.

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Emergency Dentist Toothache

Not sure if it’s an emergency?

There are a number of situations considered a dental emergency.

  • You’ve chipped or cracked a tooth

Maybe you were eating something and a tooth or filling has broken. It might be at the front and you’re too embarrassed to go to work or do your daily activities in case people see it. Or, it might not be visible but it’s rubbing on your tongue or your cheek. Dr Toulmin can fix it for you ASAP

  • You’ve knocked a tooth loose

The tooth may have already been loose, or it may have been loosened by a fall, a sporting injury or some other accident. Regardless, Dr Toulmin needs to examine it and fix it back into the correct position.

  • Your tooth has come out completely

Again, this may be due to an accident of some sort, or it may already have been loose. It’s important that you either put it straight back into your mouth or keep it in a glass of milk until you come in to see Dr Toulmin, your emergency dentist.

  • You’ve had a knock to your mouth or head and want it checked

You might not be able to see or feel any damage, but if you or your child has had an accident involving the mouth, you must have it checked urgently.

  • You’re in pain

Dr Toulmin can make you pain free comfortably

The practice is beautifully decorated with relaxing music and room scents and friendly staff. Dr Toulmin is known for her gentle, relaxed manner and ability to convert even the most serious dental phobic into someone who happily attends check up appointments every six months. For particularly anxious people, Dr Toulmin can use happy gas (nitrous oxide) and/ or sedatives

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Dental emergencies can happen during times when you expect them the least. If you encounter one, head to an emergency dentist in North Sydney. We have the most qualified dental professionals who cater various kinds of dental emergencies for all ages.

Dental emergency is an urgent situation involving your oral health care that needs immediate attention. If you are not sure about what you’re experiencing in a dental emergency, here are some situations that can be considered as dental emergency and merits the services of our North Sydney emergency dentist:

Chipped or Broken Tooth

Biting hard foods may result in a cracked or chipped off tooth. You may feel no pain but it can cause discomfort when your tongue is rubbing along the sharp edges of the broken tooth. If it is visible when you talk or smile, visiting your emergency dentist is a must to restore a sparkling smile.

Knocked Off or Loose Tooth

When you lost a tooth by accident or if it falls because it was already loose, seeing your emergency Dentist in North Sydney is necessary to avoid further damage or possible infection. Your dentist can determine if it can be restored naturally or a synthetic implant is needed.

Painful Sensation

Tooth pain is a feeling that must not be taken for granted. It is an indication of underlying dental condition that only your emergency dentist can determine. Should you feel any pain or discomfort, do not waste time and head to your North Sydney emergency dentist immediately.

If you are experiencing any of these emergency dental conditions, don’t worry as McMahons Point Dental is here to help. The solution to your pain and discomfort is just a phone call away. Set up an appointment today and experience the best emergency dental care.

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